Herbal Medicine

Key Databases

Abstracts cover the evidence about complementary and alternative therapies for consumers and professionals.

Indexes the literature in nursing and 17 allied health disciplines,  including selected titles in biomedicine, alternative/complementary therapies, and consumer health, from 1981 to the present.  Full text is available for selected nursing standards, practice acts, pamphlets, state nursing journals, research instruments, and critical paths.

Complementary and Alternative medicine - resources for health consumers that have been reviewed and selected by staff of the National Library of Medicine.

Covers complementary and alternative medicine sources for mental disorders, stress reduction, psychological and behavioral processes, and neuroimmunology.

Citations to biomedical articles from MEDLINE and additional life science journals back to the 1950s; incl. links to sites with full-text articles and other related resources. Help with searching PubMed is available here.

Dietary Supplements
A subset of PubMed that searches for citations on the dietary supplement literature.
Mayo Clinic: Complementary & Alternative Medicine
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An interactive, electronic database of evidence-based scientific data underlying the use of herbs for health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Americas