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    Recommended Databases

         ATLA religion database with ATLASerials : Our discipline-specific database for religion research.   Topics covered include Hindu Law, Hindu Literature, Hindu Saints, Hindu Sects, Hindu Theology, Hinduism, Hinduism--History, Hinduism--Ritual, Hinduism--Sacred Books, and Hindus--United States.
            ProQuest Research Library : A comprehensive database with substantial full text.  Use the "Thesaurus" (above the search slots) to preview what Subject Headings are available.  Among the Subjects available here are Hinduism, Hindus, and Hindu Life & Ethics. 
         Academic Search Premier  Comprehensive subject coverage with considerable full text.   A good initial strategy in this database is to search a likely topic in the Subject Terms and when you find it “explode” the term by double clicking it--this brings up a list of related Subject terms.  Among those available here are Hinduism, Hinduism & Politics, Hinduism & State, Hinduism--Doctrines, Hinduism--Rituals, Hindu Diaspora, Hindu Law, Hindu Mythology, Hindu Philosophy, Hindu Sects, and Hindu Women.
          JSTOR : covers a wide range of scholarly journals in most disciplines, always beginning with the first issue of each one.  This provides 100% full text access to articles from not only the first half of the 20th century but even the second half of the 19th.  (This is our only database where you can retrieve scholarly articles on Hinduism across a wide range of disciplines published in the 1900-1970 period.)  Be aware, however, that at the other end of the date range articles don't appear full text in JSTOR until at least 2-3 years after publication.
       Project Muse , although a smaller database, it complements JSTOR. LIke JSTOR it provides 100% full text of mostly scholarly journals, but its coverage is entirely current--mainly spanning the last 10-15 years.  

          Philosopher's Index : No full text, but the “ArticleLinker” arrows at the end of each citation will connect to scholarly full text in our other databases--making this an efficient one-stop search for ethics, political philosophy, metaphysics, and logic.  Try Hinduism as a Descriptor and then add keywords for focus.

         AnthroSource : Open "Advanced" search and put Hindu Hinduism in the "at least one of the words" slot.  This database is particularly strong on Hinduism's cultural traditions and mores.

       Nexis Uni (replaces LexisNexis)  News:  Offering a keyword search of 100% full text from a vast number of national and international newspapers. 

    Selected Web Sites

    • Hinduism: Paul Flesher of the University of Wyoming wrote and collected the content here as an introduction to the basics of Hindu belief. 
    • Hinduism: A monograph published by the Indian government in 1965.  It provides a good, comprehensive overview.
    • Hinduism Today: A magazine site, but with lots of free content under News and Education tabs at the top.  See especially the free PDF version of their book What is Hinduism?
    • Kauai's Hindu Monastery:  Publishers of Hinduism Today (see above), this site offers additional content, especially under Publications, Study, and Hindu Basics.
    • Brookings Institute: India: Research reports from a leading think tank.  Note the "More on India" link at the bottom of the page.
    • World Values Survey: Political, social, and cultural data on the values and beliefs of over 80 societies worldwide--including the United States--since 1981. A great site, but it can be a challenge to navigate.  To get started try my World Values Survey: User Guide.

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    Google Advanced Search: When doing research on the Web, always use the Adanced Search version of Google. This not only provides more flexibility in entering search terms, but more importantly it allows you to target the Web domains that are likely to provide the most authoritative information.
       Under "Need More Tools?" you will find the "Search within a site or domain" slot. You may enter only one domain at a time, but it's worth targeting each of the three domains likely to supply the best information: colleges and universities (enter the "edu" tag), nonprofit organizations (enter the "org" tag), and the United States government (enter the "gov" tag).