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These links point to the library catalog and will provide lists of print and electronic books. Be sure to look at the related subject headings below the first one. Other countries will follow the same structure of subject terms.

Asia -- History.
Asia, Central--History
Asia, Southeastern--History.
Korea (North)--History.
Korea (South)--History.
Mogul Empire. (Used for: Mughal Empire)
Tibet Autonomous Region (China)--History.

Primary Sources in Books in the Library

Primary sources can be published in books. Use the main search in Argos and include search terms such as personal narratives, sources, diaries, memoirs, papers, speeches, documents, or letters.

Personal narratives is a term assigned by librarians and is used for first person accounts.
Diaries and memoirs are terms used by writers and editors to describe their document. These are also normally in the first person.
Letters and correspondence are published correspondence and occasionally include both outgoing and incoming letters. Can also be collected works.
Papers include correspondence, speeches and other previously unpublished items by the author.
Speeches were written to be spoken and have often been published.
Sources is another term assigned by librarians and often includes all of the types of documents listed above as well as government records.

Some sample subject searches:
Asia, Central--History--Sources.
China--History--Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976--Personal narratives.


New York Times (1851-2013)
New York Times (1980-present)
Wall Street Journal (1889-2000)
Wall Street Journal (1984 - present)

Asian newspapers in English This site has links to current issues of Asian newspapers in English, some of them have past issues available.

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