ANTH 10900 Intro to Native American Studies

Also CSCR 10900

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E51-61 PreColumbian America
E71 Ancient North America, north of Mexico 
E74 Mound Builders
E76-E77 Reference and general materials
E78 By state, province, or region (E78 N7 New York State)
E81-87 Warfare
E89-90 Biography 
E91-95 Government relations 
E96-97 Education 
E98 Special topics in alphabetical order
  • A7 Art
  • E2 Economic Conditions
  • R3 Religion, Mythology
  • S7 Social life and customs
  • W8 Women
E99 Tribes and nations, in alphabetical order.,
  • C6 Chippewa (Ojibway)
  • S3 Seneca

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