History -- Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean

This guide provides historical resources for Latin America, including Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries


Political Database of the Americas
Database of political information, documents, and links on Western Hemisphere politics, focusing on Latin America. From the Center for Latin American Studies (Georgetown Univ.) and the Organization of American States.
Digital Archive of Latin American and Caribbean Ephemera (Princeton University)  A subset of Princeton’s Latin American Ephemera Collection as well as newly acquired materials being digitized and added on an ongoing basis. The bulk of the materials were originally created around the turn of the 20th century and after, with some originating as recently as within the last year.
Biblioteca Digital del Patrimonio Iberoamericano
A portal providing access to digital resources from various Latin American and Iberian national libraries.  Collections include maps, prints, drawings, and photographs, manuscripts, sound recordings, and incunabula. 

Latinobarómetro is a study of public opinion that annually applies around 20,000 interviews in 18 countries of Latin America representing more than 600 million inhabitants.  It investigates the development of democracy, economy and society as a whole, using indicators of public opinion that measure attitudes, values and behaviors. The results are used by the socio-political actors of the region, international actors, government and media. 

Primary Sources Online

Primary Sources in Books in the Library

Primary sources can be published in books. Use the main search box in Argos and include search terms personal narratives, sources, diaries, memoirs, papers, speeches, documents, or letters.

Personal narratives is a term assigned by librarians and is used for first person accounts.
Diaries and memoirs are terms used by writers and editors to describe their document. These are also normally in the first person.
Letters and correspondence are published correspondence and occasionally include both outgoing and incoming letters. Can also be collected works.
Papers include correspondence, speeches and other previously unpublished items by the author.
Speeches were written to be spoken and have often been published.
Sources is another term assigned by librarians and often includes all of the types of documents listed above as well as government records.

Some sample subject searches:
Latin America--History--To 1830--Sources.
Latin America--History--1830---Sources.
Latin America History Wars of Independence, 1806-1830 Sources.