MGMT-31200 Leadership, Power & Politics in Organizations

Practioner Articles on Leadership Theories

There are two ways to do this:   You might want to consult Scholarly, Trade and Popular Journals (on right under Research 101) if you do not know the difference between scholarly and trade/professional/practioner journals.

Search for the cited research authors by using our Cited Reference Searching Guide. For this class, I would probably sugget the following databases: Alternatively you can search the following databases and put in the particular search theory in the abstract or subject heading or lastly text search boxes.

Search for Journals by Title/Subject

There are a few ways to do this:
  1. Know a specific journal that your wish to search. Go to the Journals Tab on the bottom right of the Library Home Page, When you select it, you will then be given a screen which looks like this. You may either go to Search for a Journal, and type in the Journal Name in the Title begins with box below or Go to Browse Journals by Subject, Business and Economics,  and search under the Heading - Management Theory or Office and Personnel Management

Biographical Information

Young President's Organization
YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) connects you with successful young chief executives in a global network unlike any other. Founded in 1950 in New York City by a young president named Ray Hickok, the organization unites approximately 20,000 business leaders in more than 120 countries around a shared mission: Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange™.To join YPO, you must be under the age of 45 and the chief operator (CEO, managing director, president, chairman or equivalent) of a company that fulfills minimum size and revenue requirements. Upon turning 50, you transition from YPO into WPO (World Presidents’ Organization), which allows you to continue reaping the benefits of the YPO experience while also recognizing that your priorities may have shifted over time.


The following are a select list of Blogs coverings on-going issues such as: management, leadership, etc.

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