PSYC 20500 Life-Span Development: A Cross-Cultural Perspective


PsycINFO is unrivaled in its depth of psychological coverage and the first place to turn when doing research in psychology or any related behavioral science field.

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Index terms from PsycINFO's Thesaurus

Subject Headings for Searching PsycINFO

You should be as specific as you can, but these are some more general subject headings, based on the APA's Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms that may prove useful.
  • Human Development
  • Developmental Age Groups
  • Cross Cultural Differences
  • Racial and Ethnic Differences
  • Developmental Stages
  • Nature Nurture
  • Neonatal Development
  • Infant Development
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Childhood Development
  • Adolescent Development
  • Adolescent Psychology
  • Physical Development
  • Psychological Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Psychosocial Development
  • Sexual Development

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