Newspapers in LexisNexis

Finding Newspaper Articles in LexisNexis

Nexis Uni (replaces LexisNexis) is a valuable source for news content, but finding what you're looking for requires a little finesse.

First, open the "Advanced Options" panel using the link below the main search box.

Let's say you want to find newspaper articles about a Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. The ruling was issued on October 6, 2014. Use the Date limiter to select the dates of interest.

Next, make sure that only the "Newspapers" box is checked under "Content Type."

It's a good idea to limit your search to items where these terms appear in the headline or lead paragraph ("HLEAD" in LexisNexis terms). This ensures that you will find articles that are about gay marriage and the Supreme Court rather than articles that merely mention these topics. Do this by selecting "HLEAD" from the "Select a Segment" dropdown. If "HLEAD" doesn't appear as an option, make sure that you only have "Newspapers" checked in the "Content Type" section. Now type your search terms (say, "Supreme court" and "gay marriage") into the "Build Your Own Segment Search" box.

Your search screen should now look like this:

Now click "Apply," (which will collapse the "Advanced Options" panel), and then "Search."

A lovely selection of relevant newspaper articles is now displayed for your perusal. Use the "Show" and "Sort" dropdowns to control how much information is displayed for each item and the order in which results are displayed.

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