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Alternative Press Index -- Index to articles in alternative news sources. Use to research topics that may not be well covered in the mainstream press; 1991 to current.
ERIC (Ebsco interface) -- Covers all areas and levels of education, including multicultural social aspects.
Gender Studies Collection (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues)  -- Covers cultural topics related to gender studies, but much more than that.
Project Muse -- provides full-text access to scholarly journals in the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and Mathematics.
America: History and Life and Historical Abstracts -- For US and Canadian history, use America: History and Life. For Latin America, switch to Historical Abstracts.
LexisNexis Academic -- For coverage of legal issues and current events.

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Online Reference

Encyclopedia of Diversity and Social Justice  2014
Designed to provide a "convenient way to discover the modern meaning, richness, and significance of diversity and social justice language, while offering a balanced viewpoint."

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History - 2nd edition 
Covers all aspects of the African-American experience from 1619 to the present day in the U.S. and throughout the Western hemisphere. Articles are signed by experts in the field and are accompanied by a selected bibliography. The appendix contains statistical data and a selection of primary source documents.  Online version is the 2nd edition, c2006.

Encyclopedia of minorities in American politics ; v. 1: African-Americans and Asian-Americans 
Data on the political activities of African-Americans and Asian-Americans

Encyclopedia of minorities in American politics, Vol. 2: Hispanic Americans and Native Americans
Data on Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in American politics.  

Africa and the Americas: Culture, Politics, and History : a Multidisciplinary Encyclopedia
An online reference source that explores the influences of Africa and people of African descent on the culture of the Americas and the interconnections between the Americas and Africa.

Columbia Companion to American History on Film: How the Movies Have Portrayed the American Past 
Includes articles on ethnic and racial portrayals. Encyclopedia of American Jewish History
Covers both religious and secular aspects of American Jewish life. It examines the European background and immigration of American Jews and their impact on the professions and academic disciplines, mass culture and the arts, literature and theater, and labor and radical movements. It explores Zionism, antisemitism, responses to the Holocaust, the branches of Judaism, and Jews' relations with other groups, including Christians, Muslims, and African Americans. The encyclopedia covers the Jewish press and education, Jewish organizations, and Jews' participation in America's wars.

Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora
Covers geography, cultural and political movements, personalities, and theories.  Treats a wide variety of topics, including Europe and the African world, slavery, and griots of West Africa, as well as more contemporary subjects such as hip-hop and the Nation of Islam.

Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora
Covers the time from the beginning of the Diaspora, around 135 C.E., to the present. "Themes and Phenomena of the Jewish Experience," includes scholarly articles such as "Jews and Judaism in Ancient World Literature" and "The Lost Tribes of Israel."  Also provides articles on countries, regions, and communities, with statistics and historical and contemporary overviews.

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences 
Features articles and biographies contributed by scholars from around the world on a wide array of global topics in the social sciences.
Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America 
Covers the significant events, inventions, and social movements in American history that have affected the way Americans view, prepare, and consume food and drink. A collaboration of nearly 200 contributors from academia, industry, and the culinary world, the articles treat regions, people, ingredients, companies, advertising, historical eras, holidays and festivals, and political, scientific, and economic currents pertinent to American cuisine.

Encyclopedia of American Indian History 
Covers the period from precontact through European colonization; the years of non-Native expansion (including Indian removal); and the modern era of reservations, reforms, and reclamation of semi-sovereignty. Articles on key events, places, people, issues,  and the histories of Native American nations.

Encyclopedia of Ethnicity and Sports in the United States
Examines the sporting experience of Native Americans, African Americans and the immigrant groups of the United States from Colonial times to the present. Includes entries on racial and ethnic groups, ethnic sports, mainstream sports, ethnic and racial institutions and famous sports figures.

Gangs: A Reference Handbook 
Provides an overview, chronology, biographical sketches, statistics, documents, and a list of references, including organizations, books, articles, manuals, government reports, videos, and on-line and Internet sites. Topics treated briefly in the overview include theories on why young people join gangs, racial and ethnic gangs, and intervention and prevention.

Documents Online in Full Text

HathiTrust Digital Library
A collaborative project of several research-level academic libraries across the United States,HathiTrust is a digital repository for scanned books and other digital materials.

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Includes digitized images from the collections, online exhibits and information about the collections of the Schomburg Center at the New York Public Library.

UCLA Library Digital Collections
Image Collections included: AIDS posters, Architecture & Urban Design, History of Los Angeles, Primary Care Research Projects, Japanese American Relocation, Arabic & Persian Manuscripts, Sheet Music Consortium, Mexican & Mexican-American Musical Recordings

Indigenous Peoples Literature 
An archive of cultural material by the indigenous peoples of the world, ranging from literature and music to prayers and history. Contains a listing of tribes, chiefs, and the complete texts of key documents such as the Iroquois and Seminole constitutions.

New York Historical Society Slavery Collection
Portal to nearly 12,000 pages of source materials documenting the history of slavery in the United States, the Atlantic slave trade and the abolitionist movement.