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Guitar Scores Online

IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project)
an "internet-based collaborative music score library," linking to digitized scores online

GFA Online Archives of Digitized Scores
Archive of 270 public domain scores in the Guitar Foundation of America archives (housed at the Univ. of Akron)

Boije Collection (Music Library of Sweden)
The collection of Carl Oscar Boije af Gennäs (1849-1923), an amateur guitarist, includes guitar music from the early 19th century and manuscripts. In Swedish - search alphabetically by composer.

Rischel & Birket-Smith Collection (Royal Library of Denmark)
About 1600 works for the guitar, printed editions and manuscripts, all digitized

Dates, Bios, & Definitions

  • Oxford Music Online
    Major music resource with 3 different resources to search:
    • search The Oxford Companion to Music
      short biographical entries on musicians, as well as musical term definitions
    • search The Oxford Dictionary of Music
      Need a quick definition? Look here!
    • search Grove Music Online
      The major music encyclopedia: authoritative (but long) entries; good starting point for research
  • OnMusic Dictionary
    Definitions, audio pronounciation, and occasional music/video examples (OnMusic is the successor to the Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary)

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