PSYC 23200 Matters of the Mind: The Neuron and Beyond

Principal Periodical Databases

Bibliographic citations and some full-text for journal articles, books, and book chapters. Subjects include psychology and psychological aspects of related disciplines, such as medicine, psychiatry, nursing, sociology, education, pharmacology, physiology, linguistics, anthropology, business, and law. 1872-present.

The National Library of Medicine's (NLM) database covering the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and the preclinical sciences.  

More than just science in its coverage, it provides full text to articles from scholarly journals in psychology, biology, biochemistry, and neuroscience. 

Biological Abstracts
Provides abstracts and bibliographic references to journal items focusing on vital biological and medical research findings, pharmacological studies, and discoveries of new organisms. Includes some linked full text.  


Brain-related Web Resources

  • Allen Brain Atlas
    An interactive, genome-wide image database of gene expression. Includes atlases for both mouse and human mouse brains.
  • Brainbank
    For the study of the human brain, a publicly accessible data repository from the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center at McLean Hospital. 
  • BrainInfo
    Searchable by name of a brain structure and browsable by brain atlases.
  • Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections
    Also known as the Brain Museum, the resource compares various mammalian brains in respect to their evolution, development, circuitry and functions. 
  • Flybrain
    An online atlas and database of the Drosophila nervous system.
  • The Whole Brain Atlas
    ​Included are images of the human brain in its normal state and after a stroke or other brain diseases.
  • Mouse Brain Library
    Offers resources including atlases, micrographs, experimental procedures.

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