Naxos Music Library: Creating Faculty Playlists

Step 1. Log in to NML as Faculty

To set up a faculty playlist, DO NOT access NML via the IC Library page. 

1. Go to
2. Log in with username/password provided by Kris Shanton, the music librarian


Step 2: Get to Ithaca College Playlists

1. Click on the Playlist tab
2. Select "Ithaca College Playlists"

Step 3: Create Your Folder

1. Select "New Folder" 


2. The folder name is your last name
3. Make sure "Ithaca College Playlists is selected"


Step 4: Create Playlists and Add Tracks

1. Still logged in, search for recordings.
2. When you find tracks you like, select them and click on "Add to Playlist"

3. You can make as many playlists as you like, naming them as you choose.

Contact Us

picture of Kristina Shanton
Music Librarian
(607) 274-3887

Accessing NML

  • Anyone logging via the IC Library page can listen to your playlist
  • To listen to or view your playlist, login via the IC Library page as normal
  • To EDIT your playlist, login with the instructions in Step 1.