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Finding Sources on Your Topic

  • OPTION 1: Search Argos by keyword, then limit to books
  • OPTION 2: Search Argos by subject, then browse through possibilities 
  • TIP: Look for books written after 1950

  • Article QuickSearch (see box on right)
    • scholarly artickes in all disciplines
  • JSTOR (demo)
    • Scholarly articles in all disciplines.
    • When searching, select "music" subset of journals
    • You'll get lots of results, so choose keywords wisely.
  • RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
    • Mostly scholarly articles, books, and dissertations.
    • Lots of international materials--limit by language if needed
    • ​Index to music periodicals, popular & scholarly.
    • You can limit your search to scholarly articles

Opera in Audio & Video

CDs & DVDs at IC Library
Naxos Music Library
  • search for audio recordings
  • libretti available under "Resources" tab

Met Opera on Demand
  • search for opera
  • libretti often available as subtitles or accompanying text

Finding Libretti

Browse the Stacks
  • Opera libretti all begin with the call number ML50 (Music Stack M7)
  • Organized alphabetically by composer's name (ML50.M939 = Mozart, etc.)

Search the Catalog
  • Do a keyword search using words from opera title, composer's last name, and word "libretto"
  • Limit search results to books
  • Don't forget! Libretti are often included in CDs and LPs as well
  • Use our general collections of libretti

IPA Source
  • contains individual aria translations

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Reading Scholarly Literature

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Library Basics

What Do You Need?
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How Long Can You Keep Something You Get from the Library?
  • Books/Scores: 
    1/2 semester (renew 2 times)
  • Audio/Video:
    7 days (renew 2 times)
Special materials have different borrowing times -- check the full list here

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