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All The World's Primates

All the World's Primates
The All the World’s Primates website is a comprehensive and authoritative resource for information about all the species and subspecies of living lorises, galagos, lemurs, tarsiers, monkeys, and apes. The project was conceived and is edited by Noel Rowe and Marc Myers. Logging in through the Ithaca College Website provides access to all the website's features.

The project began as an online pictural guide to primates, but quickly added a taxonomic database with all the primate species and subspecies, with the idea that an online database could be updated both immediately and authoritatively as new information was learned. On the site now are scientific data compiled for and by experts in the field, range maps, and over 3,000 photographs, videos and audio files.


Primary primate journals with full text available through the Ithaca College Library: From the Primate Specialist Group (open access): Other relevant journals in biological and physical anthropology with full text available through the Ithaca College Library:


Included here are only those organizations with research publications or findings included on their websites.

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  • Ape Man. A&E (200 min.) 1994 DVD 1077
  • Becoming human: unearthing our earliest ancestors. PBS (160 min.) 2010 DVD 6568
  • The new chimpanzees: a National Geographic special (57 min.) 2009. DVD 512
  • Chimps on the edge: a National Geographic special (57 min.) 2009. DVD 513
  • The human family tree. National Geographic (96 min.) 2009 DVD 7896
  • Human life. BBC (49 min.) 2005 DVD 4146
  • Mountain gorilla: an IMAX Natural History Film Unit production in association with the National Geographic Society (39 min.) 2002. DVD 3672
  • Primate [Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center] Zipporah Films. (105 min.) 1974. DVD 6141
  • The story of hominid evolution. (93 min.) 2003 DVD 8039