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ATLA religion database with ATLASerials
Material from ATLA ranges from 1949 to the present, and provides access to international research literature on biblical studies, world religions, chuch history, and religion in social issues

Covers a wide range of scholarly journals in most disciplines, and provides 100% full text access, but articles do not appear in JSTOR until at least 1-2 years after publication.
Searching tip: The academic journals covered here feature numerous books reviews, so it's a good idea to tick the "Article" limit below the search slots so you won't be overhwlemed by book reviews on your topic.

ProQuest Research Library
Substantial full text available
Searching tip: Use the "Thesaurus" (above the search slots) to preview what Subject Headings are available. Some relevant ones might be: Religion, Religion & Politics, Religion & Psychology, Religious Differences, Religious Discrimination, Religious Fundamentalism, Religious Issues, and Religious Law

Philosopher's Index
No Full Text available, but the "ArticleLinker" arrows at the end of each citation will connect to scholarly full text in other databases, and you can request artilces through our Interlibrary Loan service
Searching tip: For subject searching, open the "Anywhere" drop-down menu to the right of the search slots and choose "Descriptors," then "Browse Descriptors" below the search bars. Recommended desctriptors are Religion, Religious Belief, Religous Ethics, Religious Experience, god, gods, goddess, faith, salvation, theology, and theodicy 

Searching tip: This database also offers a "Thesaurus" below the search slots with descriptors. If you find a relvant article for your research, you check the assigned "Descriptors" on the right of the citations for more ideas about useful search terms

This covers both the physical and social sciences, and has a solid amount of full text articles
Searching tip: Once you have found an article that sounds relevant to your rsearch, click the "Related Articles" link benetah the ciation to open a range of articles on the same topic

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Religious Statistics

Want to find statistics for religion? Try our database Statista where you can find infographhics and other data

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  • Ithaca College Department of Philosophy and Religion Information about the department, class lists, and contact information
  • Virtual Religion Index: One of the most comprehensive gateways to religion Web sites, from the Religion Department at Rutgers University. There are subsections devoted to Christian Tradition, Judaic Studies, Biblical Studies, Hindu Studies, Islamic Tradition, Buddist Tradition, and more.  Scroll down to the Index of Topics to begin.

MLA Citation

MLA is the citation style used by most disciplines in the Humanities. Here is my guide to the latest (2016) update of the MLA style.