Researching New Products

Sample Search for New Products by Industry

Search using  SIC/NAICS codes if the database(s) that you are using allows this. Use words such as (new products or product introduction or introduce or size or other related terms) in the next search box. If you can use these in the subject or abstract fields the search results will probably more focussed.

The following search is for new soft drink products The NAICS code is 312111. This was found using the NAICS Lookup Search. You could also use the same strategy to search for new products by specific company.

We searched the Business Source Premier (Original Interface)   database for this search.

Other suggested databases are:

Business Insights: Essentials
ABI/INFORM Collection
Nexis Uni (replaces LexisNexis)

SEC (Securities & Exchange Documents)/Company

Often companies will mention new products in their Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) sections of their Form 10-k (official annual financial documents) or Form 10-Q (Quarterly).  You might also go to the company website (do a Google Search) and look at the Annual Report.

  •  Seeking Alpha . Here you will find transcripts of Corporate Conference Calls in which various management for the company will discuss everything from financials to new products and marketing. A great source of usually very detailed information about strategy and why a company may be introducing certain products and whom they are aimed at. Look under Business Intelligence, Transcripts.