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Welcome, Transfer Students

Welcome to the Library! This guide is a brief introduction to library resources and services. You may or may not be all that familiar with college libraries from your previous experiences, but the objective here is to summarize what the library has and what we can do for and with you:

  • Know the library is more than a building
  • Search the online catalog
  • Obtain reserve items
  • Find journal articles
  • Select and search a database
  • Cite sources.
  • Know that Reference librarians are available to assist you.

Get to know the library

The library is no longer just a building. The principal resources and services of the library can be found online. Here are some basic facts about the IC Library.
  • The library is on the 2nd through 5th floor of the Gannett Center and it is open 24 hours a day, except for more limited hours on weekends.
  • To use the computers in the library or to access many of our resources, you will need to log in with your Netpass account. In addition to library resources, you can access all software found on computers in the computer labs found on campus.
  • You can check out books at the Circulation desk for half a semester, and can renew them online. If someone else has checked out the book you want, you can ask for it.
  • In addition to books, you can check out DVDs and CDs. Because of IC's strong programs in TV-R and Cinema, there are a lot more popular movies and TV shows in our library than you would not find on most college campuses.
  • CDs are mostly classical music, but the collection is not limited to classical music. You can find jazz, rock, experimental, and folk, too. You can also listen to music online through some special collections, including opera, jazz, and global.
  • The library was the first building on campus with wireless access. You can use your own laptop or borrow one at the Circulation desk.
  • You can also check out iPads, cameras, chargers and other peripherals.
  • You can print from the computers in the library. As of Fall fo 2014, there is a new print management program on campus.
  • You can also print from your own device to a library printer.
  • There is a tab on the library's main page to access Reserves.

Online Catalog

Argos is the name of IC Library's discovery tool. When you use the Argos box, you are searching the IC Library catalog as well as many of our periodical databases. With Argos, you are searching for books, journal articles, musical scores, DVDs, CDs, web sites, and dissertations, and newspaper articles all together.This provides an effective first stop for searching in many subject areas. Because it searches so much, the results can be daunting, and you will need to refine your search. 

If you are specifically looking for a book, including an ebook, or a DVD or CD, you should use the option to narrow your search the catalog. You can also select the Advanced Search option to search  Author, Title, and Subject or Call Number.

Database Selection & Full Text

  • If you are specificallly looking for a journal article, you can search Argos, or you can select a specific periodical database.
  • Most of the peridocial databases are subject oriented. For example, PsycINFO covers psychology; ABI/INFORM Collection  covers business; RILM Abstracts of Music Literature  covers music.
  • All periodical databases index articles. Most provide full text of some or all the articles they index.
  • You can consult any one of our Research Guides to see what databases librarians recommend for that discipline.
  • You can see a long full list of databases the library subscribes to.
Other databases are multidisciplinary. They not only cover many subjects, but they include records for articles from both popular magazines and scholar journals. Three with the most expansive coverage are: ACCESSING FULL TEXT
  • After searching a database look at your results
  • If there is a link to PDF or HTML, fulltext is available
  • If you see , click on it to see if fulltext is available in another database or in the library.
  • If fulltext is not available, the library (with very few exceptions) will get the article for you from another library through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service. On average the requests take under 48 hours. Many are completed on the same day. You will recieve an email that the article is now available electronically.

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