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This guide is a portal to undergraduate students needing support in undergraduate research and areas of civic engagement.  It points to resources useful for presentations, conferences, and community engagement.  It supports peer tutors, TAs and other students engaged in mentoring and guiding others. 

Scholarship Programs & Awards

Descriptions from the websites:
  • ALANA Achievement Awards Each year, the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs recognizes the outstanding contribution of ALANA students at Ithaca College with a number of awards.  We would like to congratulate the following students who were nominated and selected for 2015 ALANA Senior Awards, in recognition of the achievements and work of our graduating class.
  • Emerging Scholars Program Join the Emerging Scholars Program and participate in one of Ithaca's finest academic and professional development learning communities.
  • Honors Program The Ithaca College Honors Program is highly selective. Applications are only accepted from students who have been invited to apply. Invitations are not based on any single criterion, such as standardized test scores, class rank, or G.P.A. The Ithaca College Office of Admission examines all applications to the college and identifies the most highly qualified applicants. Selected students are then invited to apply to the honors program. One hundred and twenty students are selected to begin honors in the fall semester.  Blog /  Twitter 
  • Leadership Scholar Program  Awarded on an annual basis, the Ithaca College Leadership Scholarship recognizes a demonstrated record of leadership and academic performance. This renewable $7,000 award is offered each year to Leadership Scholars who maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA and participate in all required elements of the Leadership Scholar program. Leadership Scholars are offered an opportunity to enhance their leadership experience in a variety of both required and optional leadership activities while at Ithaca College.
  • MLK Scholar Program  The MLK Scholar Program is more than a scholarship it’s a program! A dynamic learning community, the MLK Scholar Program develops future leaders and global citizens who are committed to promoting Dr. King’s legacy of social justice and equality in their personal and professional lives. Invitations for participation are awarded to academically talented high school seniors who are U.S. citizens orpermanent residents from ethnic and racial backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented in U.S. higher education; program selection is based on application, references, and on-campus interviews and is renewable each year for those MLK Scholars who maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA and participate in all required components of the Program.
  • Oracle Honor Society  The Oracle Honor Society is a historic Ithaca College honor society that recognizes academic excellence. New students who achieved a GPA within the top 10% of students in their academic school after completing two full semesters at Ithaca College are invited to accept membership into the society. During the fall semester, there is a recognition ceremony to honor these students. Oracle members believe that these able first-year students will indeed contribute leadership, loyalty, and service to Ithaca College during their subsequent years here
  • OSEMA Awards OSEMA is proud to present awards to outstanding members of the Ithaca College community. Student awards recognize the individual's contribution to their co-curricular life at the college, their growth in leadership roles, and their creative involvement in campus life. 
  • Park Scholar Program  The Park Scholar Program offers much more than a scholarship; it creates a dynamic learning community that develops future communications leaders who engage critically, act globally, and perform ethically. Through a mixture of academic and service programming, scholars are challenged to take action and give back to their communities, and to use the power of mass communication to make a positive impact on the world.  At least 10 merit-based scholarships are awarded to outstanding high school seniors each year. In addition, at least three merit-based scholarships are awarded to Park School rising juniors each spring
  • The Peggy R. Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership recognizes students who excel academically, perform service to the College community and nation, and represent an exemplary level of accomplishment.
  • Service and Involvement Scholarships OSEMA is proud to provide a variety of scholarships for Ithaca College students.  Scholarships are awarded based on applications, references, and, in some cases, financial need.

Community Engagement

Ithaca College: Books by Subject:
Civic leaders -- Training of -- United States 
Community and college -- United States  
Community leadership -- Study and teaching (Higher)  
Experiential learning -- United States 
Service learning -- United States 
Student service -- United States 

Community Engagement
Experiential learning 
Service learning

Employment & Internships

Ithaca College:
Office of Human Resources:  Student Employment   
   Use the Job Database
Includes: Student Employment Process, Parnassus Login Guide, Direct Deposit Guide, Timecard Entry Guide, How to view your payslip
"All student employees who have not previously worked on campus must sign up and attend a mandatory New Student Employee Program (NSEP) session to complete their I-9 and payroll paperwork and attend a short orientation regarding working on campus." 
Job Classifications and Salary Structure

Finding Internships & Jobs
Business School: Internships
Park School of Communication:  Internships
School of Humanities and Sciences:  Teaching Assistants, Tech Shop Assistants, Office Assistants
Washington Semester Program

Other sources:
Health Internships


Ithaca College: Leadership Development (OSEMA)

Books by topic:
  Educational leadership 
  Leadership Study and teaching (Higher) United States 

Select titles:
ARGOS search: "student leadership" AND college

Undergraduate Scholarship

Ithaca College: Libary Guides: Research methods guides: Undergraduate Publications:
  • Symposium: The Honors Undergraduate Scholarly Journal

Peer Tutors and TAs

Ithaca College:  Tutoring Services
School of Humanities & Sciences:  Writing Center
Academic Advising Center: Academic Success Strategies

Books by Subject:
Peer Teaching 
Tutors and Tutoring 

Dispositions & Skills
Goal setting in personnel management 
Time management 

Select Books:
Articles on Peer Tutoring
Articles about undergraduate teaching assistants

Library Space and Supplies
  • Hardware and Software  Chargers, CD/DVD drives, microphones, headphones, software, etc.
  • White Boards and Markers. At the circulation desk, check out whiteboard markers and erasers for the boards on the 2nd floor of the library. They can also be used in the 3rd floor Digital Media Center.
Library Proxy Information (for checking out books and Interlibrary loan on behalf of faculty)
Faculty members who hire Teaching/Research assistants should fill out the Proxy Patron Form so the assistants can check out materials on their behalf. For Interlibrary Loans (ILL), the faculty member needs to log into their ILL account and fill out the Authorized User information (first and last name). Students need to pick up materials at the Circulation Desk with their IDs.


Descriptions from the websites:

Ithaca College: 
Office of Counseling and Wellness  The Office of Counseling and Wellness offers professional relationships and support services that empower diverse individuals and groups to achieve mental health, wellness and educational goals.

Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
CAPS offers short-term individual, group and relationship counseling, consultation for faculty, staff, parents, and students, and educational programs to the campus community. Comprehensive services are available during the academic year (fall and spring semesters), and limited services are available during summer sessions.

Center for Health Promotion
The Center for Health Promotion strives to create a campus culture which encourages and supports health-promoting behaviors and environments. We provide free health information, training, and consultation for Ithaca College students. Please visit our resource room, located on the lower level of Hammond Health Center. 

Research Consultation Service

Contact a subject specialist librarian, below, for a one-on-one research consultation.  Librarians can walk you through the research process and assist you in filling in any gaps you may have with your research needs. 

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Add your research to Digital Commons @ IC and researchers around the world will discover it.


From DIIS:
"Through our lyndaCampus agreement, our campus community has access to over 4,000 video courses, covering a wide range of topics from Accounting to Web Development." 

Lynda.com:  Training and Documentation 

Digital Media Center

Visit the Digital Media Center on the 3rd floor of the library.  It includes:

The Presentation Room features a 60" plasma screen where students can test out their presentations.

The Collaboration Room has a wall-mounted 32" LC monitors for group work. Students will be able to gather around a table and hook up their laptops to a central docking station. When linked to the LCD, students can take turns displaying their ideas and content.

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Campus Resources (from the Academic Advising Center)
Educational Affairs (from the Office of the Provost)

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