New Titles

New Biology Titles in the Library

Title Call #
After Darwin : animals, emotions, and the mindElectronic Book
Aloineae : a biosystematic surveyElectronic Book
Alternative respiratory pathways in higher plantsElectronic Book
American sea : a natural history of the Gulf of MexicoElectronic Book
Aquaculture nutrition : gut health, probiotics, and prebioticsElectronic Book
Audubon : the Kentucky yearsElectronic Book
BadgerElectronic Book
Benthic foraminifera of the Gulf of Mexico : distribution, ecology, paleoecologyElectronic Book
Biodiversity in a changing climate : linking science and management in conservationElectronic Book
Bioinformatics with R cookbook : over 90 practical recipes for computational biologists to model and handle real-life data using RElectronic Book
Biology and conservation of North American tortoisesElectronic Book
Biology and ecology of giant kelp forestsElectronic Book
Bluegrass land & life : land character, plants, and animals of the Inner Bluegrass region of Kentucky, past, present, and futureElectronic Book
Braconid and Ichneumonid parasitoid wasps : biology, systematics, evolution and ecologyElectronic Book
Brown recluse spiderElectronic Book
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine : science, governance, and the pursuit of curesElectronic Book
Case of the green turtle an uncensored history of a conservation iconElectronic Book
Colorado Plateau VI : science and management at the landscape scaleElectronic Book
Commercial orchidsElectronic Book
Common woody plants and cacti of South Texas : a field guideElectronic Book
Conservation catalysts : how academics and researchers are advancing large landscape preservationElectronic Book
Constantine Samuel Rafinesque : a voice in the American wildernessElectronic Book
Crustacean zooplankton communities in Chilean inland watersElectronic Book
Darwin becomes art : aesthetic vision in the wake of Darwin: 1870-1920Electronic Book
Deer the animal answer guideElectronic Book
Dietary nutrients, additives, and fish healthElectronic Book
Dragonflies of Texas : a field guideElectronic Book
Ecology of freshwater and estuarine wetlandsElectronic Book
Entomobryomorpha and SymphypleonaElectronic Book
Explorations of mathematical models in biology with MATLABElectronic Book
Feeding wild birds in America : culture, commerce, and conservationElectronic Book
Field guide to Wisconsin grassesElectronic Book
Field guide to birds of the northern California coastElectronic Book
Field guide to grasses of CaliforniaElectronic Book
Field guide to the natural communities of MichiganElectronic Book
Fish pheromones and related cuesElectronic Book
Fishes : the animal answer guideElectronic Book
Flatfishes : biology and exploitationElectronic Book
Fleas (Siphonaptera) of Fennoscandia and DenmarkElectronic Book
Flight ways : life and loss at the edge of extinctionElectronic Book
French thinking about animalsElectronic Book
Freshwater mussels of FloridaElectronic Book
Fungal biomolecule : sources, applications, and recent developmentsElectronic Book
Genetics & developmental biology : the Thomas Hunt Morgan centennial symposiumElectronic Book
Genomics and democracy : towards a lingua democratica for the public debate on genomicsElectronic Book
Georgian menagerie : exotic animals in eighteenth-century LondonElectronic Book
Governance of marine fisheries and biodiversity conservation : interaction and coevolutionElectronic Book
Green extraction of natural products : theory and practiceElectronic Book
Handbook of larval amphibians of the United States and CanadaElectronic Book
Handbook of plant food phytochemicals sources, stability and extractionElectronic Book
Handbook of road ecologyElectronic Book
History and philosophy of astrobiology : perspectives on extraterrestrial life and the human mindElectronic Book
Imaging marine life : macrophotography and microscopy approaches for marine biologyElectronic Book
Incidental steward reflections on citizen scienceElectronic Book
Integrative cluster analysis in bioinformaticsElectronic Book
Kentucky breeding bird atlasElectronic Book
Labour, human health and environmental dimensions of E-waste management in China : research paperElectronic Book
Life and times of a big river : an uncommon natural history of Alaskas Upper YukonElectronic Book
Love affair with birds the life of Thomas Sadler RobertsElectronic Book
Magellanic Sub-Antarctic ornithology : first decade of long-term bird studies at the Omora Ethnobotanical Park, Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, ChileElectronic Book
Mammalian toxicologyElectronic Book
Mammals of KentuckyElectronic Book
Marine bivalve molluscsElectronic Book
Marine historical ecology in conservation : applying the past to manage for the futureElectronic Book
Marsh mud and mummichogs : an intimate natural history of coastal GeorgiaElectronic Book
Microbial evolution under extreme conditionsElectronic Book
Migration ecology of marine fishesElectronic Book
Monarchs in a changing world : biology and conservation of an iconic butterflyElectronic Book
Mononchida the predatory soil NematodesElectronic Book
Morning comes to Elk Mountain : dispatches from the Wichita Mountains Wildlife RefugeElectronic Book
Most defiant devilElectronic Book
New perspectives in japanese bioethicsElectronic Book
Northern pike ecology, conservation, and management historyElectronic Book
Not so different : finding human nature in animalsQL751 .L42 2016
Novel plant bioresources : applications in food, medicine and cosmeticsElectronic Book
Parasitic flowering plantsElectronic Book
Penguins : natural history and conservationElectronic Book
Penguins : the animal answer guideElectronic Book
Ponderosa : big pine of the SouthwestElectronic Book
Porcupines the animal answer guideElectronic Book
Principles of stem cell biology and cancer : future applications and therapeuticsElectronic Book
Psocoptera of tropical South-east AsiaElectronic Book
Recent advances in polyphenol research.Electronic Book
Reproductive biology of teleost fishesElectronic Book
Research on health effects of low-level ionizing radiation exposure : opportunities for the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research InstituteElectronic Book
Return of the GarElectronic Book
Review of the Edwards Aquifer Habitat conservation plan : report 1Electronic Book
Rise of birds : 225 million years of evolutionElectronic Book
Runes of evolution : how the universe became self-awareElectronic Book
Secret lives of antsElectronic Book
Sharks : the animal answer guideElectronic Book
Small wild cats : the animal answer guideElectronic Book
Soil and plant analysis for forest ecosystem characterizationElectronic Book
Southern sanctuary : a naturalists walk through the seasonsElectronic Book
Stem cell nanoengineeringElectronic Book
Studies on Brachyura a homage to Daniè€le GuinotElectronic Book
Taxonomic tapestries : the threads of evolutionary, behavioural and conservation researchElectronic Book
Texas lizards : a field guideElectronic Book
Thomas Hunt Morgan : pioneer of geneticsElectronic Book
Tourism, environment and ecology in the Mediterranean RegionElectronic Book
Trees & shrubs of KentuckyElectronic Book
Tropical wildlife of Southeast AsiaElectronic Book
Vascular plants of Kentucky : an annotated checklistElectronic Book
Why does evolution matter? : the importance of understanding evolutionElectronic Book
Wild life : the institution of natureElectronic Book
Wilderness writings of Howard ZahniserElectronic Book
Wildlife habitat conservation : concepts, challenges, and solutionsElectronic Book
Wildlife in the Anthropocene : conservation after natureElectronic Book
Zoo renewal : white flight and the animal ghettoElectronic Book