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New Language, Writing, and Speech Communication Titles in the Library

Title Call #
10th Conference on British and American Studies - Crossing Boundaries : approaches to the contemporary multicultural discouresElectronic Book
AUSIT 2012 : proceedings of the JubilaTIon 25 Biennial Conference of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and TranslatorsElectronic Book
Acquiring Lingua Franca of the modern time : current issues and strategies in ESL studiesElectronic Book
Advances in language acquisitionElectronic Book
Advances in sociophoneticsElectronic Book
Aelius Aristides between Greece, Rome, and the godsElectronic Book
Affective dimension in second language acquisitionElectronic Book
Alternative voices (re)searching language, culture, identity ...Electronic Book
Ambiguity : language and communicationElectronic Book
Approaches to Middle English : variation, contact and changeElectronic Book
Aristotles Rhetoric in the East the Syriac and Arabic translation and commentary traditionElectronic Book
Art of speeches and presentations the secrets of making people remember what you sayElectronic Book
At the margin of one/many languages : essays on South African literatureElectronic Book
Author and narrator : transdisciplinary contributions to a narratological debateElectronic Book
Between English and Arabic : a practical course in translationElectronic Book
Blue book of grammar and punctuation : an easy-to-use guide with clear rules, real-world examples, and reproducible quizzesElectronic Book
Bridging the gap between theory and practice in translation and gender studiesElectronic Book
Categorization and L2 vocabulary learning : a cognitive linguistic perspectiveElectronic Book
Categorization and category changeElectronic Book
Challenges of discourse processing : the case of technical documentsElectronic Book
Choruses of Sophokles Antigone and Philoktetes a dance of wordsElectronic Book
Claim-making and claim-challenging in English and Polish linguistic discoursesElectronic Book
Cognitive and pragmatic aspects of speech actionsElectronic Book
Cognitive modeling : a linguistic perspectiveElectronic Book
Computational text analysis and reading comprehension exam complexity : towards automatic text classificationElectronic Book
Computer-assisted language learning : learners, teachers and toolsElectronic Book
Conditions for english language teaching and learning in AsiaElectronic Book
Constraints and languageElectronic Book
Conversion in English : a cognitive semantic approachElectronic Book
Corpus linguistic approach to literary language and characterization : Virginia Woolfs the wavesElectronic Book
Covering bin Laden : global media and the worlds most wanted manP96.T47 C68 2015
Creative confluenceElectronic Book
Creative manoeuvres : writing, making, beingElectronic Book
Critical reflections on religion and media in contemporary BaliElectronic Book
Crossing linguistic borders in postcolonial anglophone AfricaElectronic Book
Cuban Americans and the Miami mediaElectronic Book
Culture and media : ecocritical explorationsElectronic Book
Current perspectives on pedagogy for English as a lingua francaElectronic Book
Deliberation and development : rethinking the role of voice and collective action in unequal societiesElectronic Book
Destination Italy : representing migration in contemporary media and narrativeElectronic Book
Detachments for cohesion : toward an information grammar of oral languagesElectronic Book
Development of pragmatic and discourse skills in Chinese-speaking childrenElectronic Book
Developments in the acquisition of cliticsElectronic Book
Diachronic corpus pragmaticsElectronic Book
Dialogue on dialect standardizationElectronic Book
Dictionary of the British English spelling systemElectronic Book
Discourses in co(n)text : the many faces of specialised discourseElectronic Book
Distance in language : grounding a metaphorElectronic Book
ELT : harmony and diversityElectronic Book
Emotions from a bilingual point of view : personality and emotional intelligence in relation to perception and expression of emotions in the L1 and L2Electronic Book
English tags : a close-up on film language, dubbing and conversationElectronic Book
Evaluating Cartesian linguistics : from historical antecedents to computational modelingElectronic Book
Facets of domestication : case studies in Polish-English and English-Polish translationElectronic Book
Fantastic transmedia : narrative, play and memory across science fiction and fantasy storyworldsP96.N35 H37 2015
For attribution-- : developing data attribution and citation practices and standards : summary of an international workshopElectronic Book
Foreign correspondenceElectronic Book
Forms and degrees of repetition in texts : detection and analysisElectronic Book
Freond ic gemete wiĆ° perspectives on Medieval Britain; language, literature, societyElectronic Book
From Paris to Nuremberg : the birth of conference interpretingElectronic Book
From sound to meaning in context : studies in honour of Piotr RuszkiewiczElectronic Book
From text to political positions : text analysis across disciplinesElectronic Book
Functional perspective on language and discourse : applications and implicationsElectronic Book
Future of philology : proceedings of the 11th annual Columbia University German graduate student conferenceElectronic Book
Global media entertainment : a critical introductionElectronic Book
Glocal English : the changing face and forms of Nigerian English in a global worldElectronic Book
Glossae, scholia, commentarii : studies on commenting texts in antiquity and middle agesElectronic Book
Grammar at school : research on metalinguistic activity in language educationElectronic Book
Grammar problem in higher education in Cameroon : assessing written standard english among undergraduates of the department of English at the UniversiElectronic Book
Grammatical variation and change in Jersey EnglishElectronic Book
Guide to ancient Greek dramaElectronic Book
Handbook of classroom discourse and interactionElectronic Book
Handbook of computational linguistics and natural language processingElectronic Book
Handbook of discourse analysisElectronic Book
Handbook of speech productionElectronic Book
Handbook of the psychology of communication technologyElectronic Book
Healing words : the printed handbills of early modern London quacksElectronic Book
Henricus Glareanuss (1488-1563) chronologia of the ancient world : a facsimile edition of a heavily annotated copy held in Princeton University LibraElectronic Book
Higher education and second language learning : promoting self-directed learning in new technological and educational contextsElectronic Book
Idiom translation in the financial press : a corpus-based studyElectronic Book
Inclusive language education and digital technologyElectronic Book
Information structure and syntactic change in Germanic and Romance languagesElectronic Book
Insights into technology enhanced language pedagogyElectronic Book
Integrating content and language in higher education : from theory to practice selected papers from the 2013 ICLHE ConferenceElectronic Book
Integration of theory and practice in CLILElectronic Book
Interfaces in language 3Electronic Book
Interlanguage : forty years laterElectronic Book
International student adaptation to academic writing in higher educationElectronic Book
Interpretation of english reflexives by child and adult L2 learnersElectronic Book
Intersections : applied linguistics as a meeting placeElectronic Book
Introduction to proto-Indo-European and Balto-Slavic accentologyElectronic Book
Journal of the European Society for Textual ScholarshipElectronic Book
Language and imaginabilityElectronic Book
Language arts in Asia 2 : English and Chinese through literature, drama and popular cultureElectronic Book
Language as information : proceedings from the CALS Conference 2012Electronic Book
Language conflict in Algeria from colonialism to post-independenceElectronic Book
Language contact, inherited similarity and social difference : the story of linguistic interaction in the Maya LowlandsElectronic Book
Language education and the challenges of globalisation : sociolinguistic issuesElectronic Book
Language empires in comparative perspectiveElectronic Book
Language in Scotland : corpus-based studiesElectronic Book
Language politics under colonialism : caste, class and language pedagogy in western IndiaElectronic Book
Languaging experiences : learning and teaching revisitedElectronic Book
Latin historiography and poetry in the early empire generic interactionsElectronic Book
Learning and using multiple languages : current findings from research on multilingualismElectronic Book
Legacy of antiquity : new perspectives in the reception of the classical worldElectronic Book
Lets talk politics : new essays on deliberative rhetoricElectronic Book
Letters as loot : a sociolinguistic approach to seventeenth- and eighteenth-century DutchElectronic Book
Linguistic approaches to emotions in contextElectronic Book
Literary detective work on the computerElectronic Book
Literary rhetoric concepts-structures-analysesElectronic Book
Literature as translation/translation as literatureElectronic Book
Mass communication theory : foundations, ferment, and futureElectronic Book
Mathematics in popular culture essays on appearances in film, fiction, games, television and other mediaElectronic Book
Media in Europes small nationsElectronic Book
Media/democracy a comparative studyElectronic Book
Mental illness in popular media essays on the representation of disordersElectronic Book
Morphology and meaning : selected papers from the 15th International Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2012Electronic Book
Multilingual trends in a globalized world prospects and challengesElectronic Book
Multiliteracies and e-learning 2.0Electronic Book
Myriobiblos : essays on Byzantine literature and cultureElectronic Book
Navigating English grammar a guide to analyzing real languageElectronic Book
New ideas in the writing artsElectronic Book
New trends in early foreign language learning the age factor, CLIL and languages in contact : bridging research and good practicesElectronic Book
Noun valencyElectronic Book
Orality, literacy, memory in the ancient Greek and Roman worldElectronic Book
Parenthetical verbsElectronic Book
Paschal song and hymnsElectronic Book
Perception of english : a study of staff and students at universities in yogyakarta, indonesiaElectronic Book
Philosophizing muse : the influence of Greek philosophy on Roman poetryElectronic Book
Poetic language and religion in Greece and RomeElectronic Book
Politeness through the prism of requests : apologies and refusals a case of advanced Serbian efl learnersElectronic Book
Post-editing of machine translation : processes and applicationsElectronic Book
Power of the word : the sacred and the profaneElectronic Book
Pragmatic development in first language acquisitionElectronic Book
Presences and absences : transdisciplinary essaysElectronic Book
Printing and reading Italian Latin humanism in renaissance Europe (ca. 1470-ca. 1540)Electronic Book
Processing of lexicon and morphosyntaxElectronic Book
Propaganda and the public mind : conversations with Noam ChomskyElectronic Book
Reading for learning : cognitive approaches to childrens literatureElectronic Book
Reclaiming conversation : the power of talk in a digital ageP95.45 .T86 2015
Remapping habitus in translation studiesElectronic Book
Rhetoric of explanation in Lucretius De rerum naturaElectronic Book
Rich media, poor democracy : communication politics in dubious timesElectronic Book
Secret languages of Afghanistan and their speakersElectronic Book
Segment in phonetics and phonologyElectronic Book
Semiotics and hermeneutics of the everydayElectronic Book
Sequences in language and textElectronic Book
Solemn pleasure : to imagine, witness, and writeElectronic Book
Speaker involvement in political interviewsElectronic Book
Strategy factor in successful language learningElectronic Book
Syntactic complexity across interfacesElectronic Book
Task equivalence in speaking testsElectronic Book
Teaching languages off the beaten trackElectronic Book
Texts from the Archive of Socrates, the Tax Collector, and Other Contexts at Karanis : (P. Cair. Mich. II)Electronic Book
Time, being and becoming : cognitive models of innovation and creation in EnglishElectronic Book
Tragic props and cognitive function aspects of the function of images in thinkingElectronic Book
Translation in language teaching and assessmentElectronic Book
Truth, meaning and the analysis of natural languageElectronic Book
Unity in diversity. Cultural and linguistic markers of the conceptElectronic Book
Verse : an introduction to prosodyElectronic Book
Vowel-shifting in the English language : an evolutionary accountElectronic Book
Wileys real Latin learning Latin from the sourceElectronic Book
Within language, beyond theories.Electronic Book
Within language, beyond theories.Electronic Book
Writing posthumanism, posthuman writingElectronic Book