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New Mathematics and Computer Science Titles in the Library

Title Call #
1,001 statistics practice problems.Electronic Book
About face : the essentials of interaction designElectronic Book
Advances in computational particle based methodsElectronic Book
Advances in network complexityElectronic Book
Alan Turing s electronic brain the struggle to build the ACE, the worlds fastest computerElectronic Book
Algebraic geometry : a problem solving approachQA564 .G37 2013
Apache Solr enterprise search server : enhance your searches with faceted navigation, result highlighting, relevancy-ranked sorting, and much more witElectronic Book
Application development in iOS 7 : learn how to build an entire real-world application using all of iOS 7s new featuresElectronic Book
Applied Bayesian modellingElectronic Book
Applied mathematicsElectronic Book
Art of memory forensics : detecting malware and threats in Windows, Linux, and Mac MemoryElectronic Book
Backbone.js Blueprints : understand Backbone.js pragmatically by building seven different applications from scratchElectronic Book
Backbone.js patterns and best practices : a one-stop guide to best practices and design patterns when building applications using Backbone.jsElectronic Book
Best papers from the 16th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS2014)Electronic Book
Binaries in battle : representations of division and conflictElectronic Book
Biomedical image analysis recipes in MATLAB : for life scientists and engineersElectronic Book
Building a web application with PHP and MariaDB : a reference guideElectronic Book
Building probabilistic graphical models with Python : solve machine learning problems using probabilistic graphical models implemented in Python withElectronic Book
Co-Clustering : models, algorithms and applicationsElectronic Book
Coding for dummiesElectronic Book
Cognitive computing and big data analyticsElectronic Book
Complex analysis : a modern first course in function theoryElectronic Book
Computer architectureElectronic Book
Computer science and ambient intelligenceElectronic Book
Computer simulations and the changing face of scientific experimentationElectronic Book
Computing fundamentals : introduction to computersElectronic Book
Configuration management with Chef-Solo : a comprehensive guide to get you up and running with Chef-SoloElectronic Book
Correspondence analysis : theory, practice and new strategiesElectronic Book
Cracking the tech career : insider advice on landing a job at Google, Microsoft, Apple, or any top tech companyElectronic Book
D cookbook : discover the advantages of programming in D with over 100 incredibly effective recipesElectronic Book
Data analysis and data mining an introductionElectronic Book
Data-variant kernel analysisElectronic Book
Dependable software systems engineeringElectronic Book
Deploying and managing a cloud infrastructure : real world skills for the CompTIA cloud+ certification and beyondElectronic Book
Designing with objects : object-oriented design patterns explained with stories from Harry PotterElectronic Book
Digital signal and image processing using MATLAB. the deterministic caseElectronic Book
Digitized the science of computers and how it shapes our worldElectronic Book
Discrete event systems in dioid algebra and conventional algebraElectronic Book
Dynamical Mordell-Lang conjectureQA565 .B45 2016
Elementary number theory with programmingElectronic Book
Exploring beaglebone : tools and techniques for building with embedded linuxElectronic Book
Exploring the organizational impact of software-as-a-service on software vendors : the role of organizational integration in software-as-a-service devElectronic Book
Extending puppet : design, manage, and deploy your puppet architecture with the help of real-world scenariosElectronic Book development blueprints : design and develop real-world, cutting-edge cloud applications using the powerful development frameworkElectronic Book
Formal languages, automata and numeration systems 2Electronic Book
Foundations of linear and generalized linear modelsElectronic Book
Fundamental math and physics for scientists and engineersElectronic Book
Galois theories of linear difference equations : an introductionQA431 .H37 2016
Getting Started with Grunt : the javascript task runner : a hands-on approach to mastering the fundamentals of GruntElectronic Book
Getting started with SOQL : revolutionize the use of simple query strings to make them more efficient using SOQLElectronic Book
Getting started with review board : analyze and improve your code using the collaborative code review tool, review boardElectronic Book
HP vertica essentials : learn how to deploy, administer, and manage HP Vertica, one of the most robust MPP solutions aroundElectronic Book
Haskell data analysis cookbook : explore intuitive data analysis techniques and powerful machine learning methods using over 130 practical recipesElectronic Book
Heroku cloud application development : a comprehensive guide to help you build, deploy, and troubleshoot cloud applications seamlessly using HerokuElectronic Book
How Euler did even moreElectronic Book
How to bake pi : an edible exploration of the mathematics of mathematicsElectronic Book
IOS development with Xamarin cookbook : over 100 exciting recipes to help you develop iOS applications with XamarinElectronic Book
Implementing Cloud Storage with OpenStack Swift : design, implement, and successfully manage your own cloud storage cluster using the popular OpenStacElectronic Book
Intelligence emerging : adaptivity and search in evolving neural systemsElectronic Book
Introduction to linear regression analysisElectronic Book
Introduction to mixed modelling : beyond regression and analysis of varianceElectronic Book
Introduction to nonlinear optimization theoryElectronic Book
Introduction to time series analysis and forecastingElectronic Book
JQuery 2.0 development cookbook : over 80 recipes providing modern solutions to web development problems with real-world examplesElectronic Book
Java EE 7 performance tuning and optimization : boost the efficiency of your enterprise applications by performance tuning and optimization with JavaElectronic Book
Java EE 7 with GlassFish 4 application server : a practical guide to install and configure the GlassFish 4 application server and develop Java EE 7 apElectronic Book
Joseph Smale : Gods Moses for PentecostalismElectronic Book
Kalman filtering : theory and practice using MATLABElectronic Book
Laravel application development blueprintsElectronic Book
Large scale network-centric distributed systemsElectronic Book
Learning Cypher : write powerful and efficient queries for Neo4j with Cypher, its official query languageElectronic Book
Learning NumPy Array : supercharge your scientific Python computations by understanding how to use the NumPy library effectivelyElectronic Book
Learning iPhone game development with Cocos2D 3.0 : harness the pwer of Cocos 2D to create your own stunning and engaging games for iOSElectronic Book
Learning primefaces extensions development : develop advanced frontend applications using PrimeFaces Extensions components and pluginsElectronic Book
Least squares data fitting with applicationsElectronic Book
Linux bibleElectronic Book
Linux command line and shell scripting bibleElectronic Book
Linux mint essentials : a practical guide to Linux Mint for the novice to the professionalElectronic Book
Logic and discrete mathematics : a concise introductionElectronic Book
Logic and discrete mathematics : a concise introductionElectronic Book
Logic without bordersElectronic Book
Magento 1.8 development cookbook : over 70 recipes to learn magento development from scratchElectronic Book
Managing windows servers with Chef : harness the power of Chef to automate management of windows-based systems using hands-on examplesElectronic Book
Mastering AngularJS Directives : develop, maintain, and test production-ready directives for any AngularJS-based applicationElectronic Book
Mastering JavaServer Faces 2.2 : master the art of implementing user interfaces with JSF 2.2Electronic Book
Mastering Kali Linux for advanced penetration testing : a practical guide to testing your networks security with Kali Linux, the preferred choice ofElectronic Book
Mastering metasploit : write and implement sophisticated attack vectors in Metasploit using a completely hands-on approachElectronic Book
Mathematical and computational modeling : with applications in natural and social sciences, engineering, and the artsElectronic Book
Meta-analysis : a structural equation modeling approachElectronic Book
Microsoft SQL Server 2014 business intelligence development beginners guide : get to grips with Microsoft Business Intelligence and data warehousingElectronic Book
Mobile application hackers handbookElectronic Book
Model-driven and software product line engineeringElectronic Book
Modelling and analysis of compositional dataElectronic Book
Multiscale analysis and nonlinear dynamics : from genes to the brainElectronic Book
Multivariate density estimation : theory, practice, and visualizationElectronic Book
Natural language processing and cognitive science : proceedings 2014Electronic Book
Near field communication with Android cookbook : discover the endless possibilities of using Android NFC capabilities to enhance your apps over 50 praElectronic Book
Node.js Blueprints : develop stunning web and desktop applications with the definitive Node.jsElectronic Book
Non-Euclidean geometryElectronic Book
Nonparametric hypothesis testing : rank and permutation methods with applications in RElectronic Book
OUYA game development by example beginners guide : an all-inclusive, fun guide to making professional 3D games for the OUYA consoleElectronic Book
OUYA game development essentials : a practical guide to developing games for the revolutionary OUYA consoleElectronic Book
Optimization of logisticsElectronic Book
Oracle ADF enterprise application development-made simple : successfully plan, develop, test, and deploy enterprise applications with Oracle ADFElectronic Book
PHPUnit essentials : get started with PHPUnit and learn how to write and test code using advanced technologiesElectronic Book
Paradigms of combinatorial optimization : problems and new approachesElectronic Book
Parallel programming with Python : develop efficient parallel systems using the robust Python environmentElectronic Book
Pattern on the stone : the simple ideas that make computers workElectronic Book
Pentaho business analytics cookbook : over 100 recipes to get you fully acquainted with the key functions of Pentaho BA 5 and increase your productiviElectronic Book
Performing data analysis using IBM SPSSElectronic Book
PhoneGap 3.x mobile application development hotshot : create useful and exciting real-world apps for iOS and Android devices with 12 fantastic projectElectronic Book
Power of the line : metaphor, number and material culture in European prehistoryElectronic Book
Professor Stewarts incredible numbersElectronic Book
Programming MapReduce with scalding : a practical guide to designing, testing, and implementing complex MapReduce applications in ScalaElectronic Book
Quantitative assessments of distributed systems : methodologies and techniquesElectronic Book
Rails 4 application development HOTSHOT : build simple to advanced applications in Rails 4 through 10 exciting projectsElectronic Book
Ranges of bimodule projections and conditional expectationsElectronic Book
Raspberry pi server essentialsElectronic Book
Real-time analytics : techniques to analyze and visualize streaming dataElectronic Book
Register-based statistics : statistical methods for administrative dataElectronic Book
Regression analysis by exampleElectronic Book
Regularization and Bayesian methods for inverse problems in signal and image processingElectronic Book
Science of conjecture : evidence and probability before PascalElectronic Book
Security intelligence : a practitioners guide to solving enterprise security challengesElectronic Book
Simulation modeling and arenaElectronic Book
Social sciences via network analysis and computationElectronic Book
Software evolution and maintenance : a practitioners approachElectronic Book
Some vistas of modern mathematics : dynamic programming, invariant imbedding, and the mathematical biosciencesElectronic Book
Sparrow iOS game framework beginners guide : create mobile games for iOS devices with the Sparrow iOS game frameworkElectronic Book
Spatial and spatio-temporal Bayesian models with R-INLAElectronic Book
Spring MVC beginners guide : your ultimate guide to building web applications using all the capabilities of Spring MVCElectronic Book
Static analysis of software the abstract interpretationElectronic Book
Statistics with JMP : graphs, descriptive statistics and probabilityElectronic Book
System center 2012 R2 virtual machine manager cookbook : over 70 recipes to help you design, configure, and manage a reliable and efficient virtual inElectronic Book
System robustness analysis in support of flood and drought risk managementElectronic Book
Systems dependability assessment : modeling with graphs and finite state automataElectronic Book
Teaching the common core math standards with hands-on activities, grades 9-12Electronic Book
Teaching the common core math standards with hands-on activities, grades K-2Electronic Book
Theoretical foundations of functional data analysis, with an introduction to linear operationsElectronic Book
VSphere design best practices : apply industry-accepted best practices to design reliable high-performance datacenters for your business needsElectronic Book
WebGL hotshot : create interactive 3D content for web pages and mobile devicesElectronic Book
When life is linear : from computer graphics to bracketologyElectronic Book
WildFly performance tuning : develop high-performing server applications using the widely successful WildFly platformElectronic Book
Xamarin cross-platform application development : develop production-ready applications for iOS and android using xamarinElectronic Book