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New Music Books in the Library

Title Call #
American songbook : music for the massesML3477.V36 A6 2017
Artful-playful-mindful in action : Orff-Schulwerk classroom projects for a new generation of learnersMT26.F73 A7 2015
Band directors guide to success : a survival guide for new music educatorsMT733.K73 B3 2016
Band teachers percussion guide : insights in playing and teaching percussionMT655.H64 B3 2017
Beethoven compendium : a guide to Beethovens life and musicML410.B4 B2813 1992
Beethovens 32 piano sonatas : a handbook for performersML410.B4 G67 2017
Brass instrument owners handbookML933.P34 B7 2016
Building strong music programs : a handbook for preservice and novice music teachersMT1.R93 B8 2009
Cello, bow and you : putting it all togetherMT300.B46 C4 2017
Clarinetists guide to klezmerMT380.P89 C5 2001
Cole Porter companionML410.P7844 C65 2016
Complete book of 1990s Broadway musicalsML1711.8.N3 D54 1990s
Conductors challenge : finding expressive meaning in the scoreMT85.B38 C75 2016
Contemporary research in music learning across the lifespan : music education and human developmentMT1 .C678 2017
Dance and drama in French baroque operaML1727.2.H37 D3 2016
Digital organization tips for music teachersMT1.B86 D5 2016
Engaging in community music : an introductionMT87.H54 E6 2017
Experiencing music composition in grades 3-5MT40.K28 E9 2017
From backpacks to Broadway : childrens experiences in musical theatreML3918.M87 R35 2017
Giacomo Puccini and his worldML410.P89 G53 2016
H. W. Ernst, Hungarian airs, op. 22 : analytical studies and exercisesMT265.S48 H94 2017
H. W. Ernst, Hungarian airs, op. 22 : analytical studies and exercisesMT265.S48 H94 2017
Haydns sunrise, Beethovens shadow : audiovisual culture and the emergence of musical RomanticismML195.L68 H3 2016
Hurdy-gurdy in eighteenth-century FranceML1086.G74 H8 2017
Issues in African American music : power, gender, race, representationML3556 .I87 2017
King and I : the complete book and lyrics of the Broadway musicalML50.R67 K5 2016
Modernism and operaML1705 .M63 2016
Music education for children with autism spectrum disorder : a resource for teachersMT17.S46 M8 2017
Music, evolution, and the harmony of soulsML3800.H37 M8 2017
Notes for clarinetists : a guide to the repertoireML128.C58 R53 2017
Origins and foundations of music education : international perspectivesMT1 .O75 2017
Performance practice in the music of Steve ReichML410.R35 H37 2016
Playing for their lives : the global El sistema movement for social change through musicMT1.T86 P5 2016
Policy and the political life of music educationMT1 .P62 2017
Purcell,ML410.P93 W47 1962
Pursuit of excellence : a band directors guide to successMT733.W24 P8 2016
Redefining music studies in an age of change : creativity, diversity, and integrationMT1.S27 R4 2017
Russian music at home and abroad : new essaysML300.T37 R8 2016
Scholarly research for musiciansML3797 .S36 2017
Schumanns virtuosity : criticism, composition, and performance in nineteenth-century GermanyML410.S4 S84 2016
Seventeenth-century opera and the sound of the commedia dellarteML1733.2.W55 S4 2016
Sistema : music for social changeMT1 .S533 2016
Spirited wind playing : the performance dimensionMT339.W25 S7 2017
Teaching the postsecondary music student with disabilitiesMT18.M33 T4 2017
Valuing music in education : a Charles Fowler readerMT3.U5 F69 2017
ViolinML800 .V56 2016
When Broadway went to HollywoodML2075.M65 W4 2016