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Title Location Call #
The art of conducting / Hunsberger, Donald.Music StacksMT85.H86 A7 1992
The complete Beatles recording sessions : the official story of the Abbey Road years, 1962-1970 / Lewisohn, Mark, author.Music StacksML156.7.B4 L49 1988
The jazz bass book : technique and tradition / Goldsby, John, 1958- author.Music StacksMT322.G65 J3 2002
The beautiful music all around us : field recordings and the American experience / Wade, Stephen.Music StacksML3551.5.W33 B4 2012
Antonio Vivaldi : thematisch-systematisches Verzeichnis seiner Werke = thematic-systematic catalogue of his works : (RV) / Ryom, Peter author.Music ReferenceML134.V7 A34 2018
The learner-centered music classroom : models and possibilities / Music StacksMT1 .L44 2020
Practicing for artistic success : the musicians guide to self-empowerment / Kaplan, Burton, 1936-Music StacksMT170.K37 P7 2004
CelloMind : intonation and technique / Jensen, Hans Jørgen author.Music StacksMT302.J46 C4 2017
The techniques of guitar playing / Josel, Seth author.Music StacksMT580.J67 T4 2014
The techniques of singing = Die Techniken des Gesangs / Isherwood, Nicholas author.Music StacksMT820.I75 T4 2013
The techniques of percussion playing : mallets, implements and applications = Die Spieltechnik des Schlagzeugs : Schlägel, Anreger und Anwendungen / Music StacksMT655.6.D54 T4 2018
The techniques of oboe playing : a compendium with additional remarks on the whole oboe family = Die Spieltechnik der Oboe : ein Kompendium mit Anmerkungen zur gesamten Oboenfamilie = La technique du hautbois : un compendium avec des annotations pour lensemble des instruments de la famille de hautbois / Veale, Peter, 1959- author, translator.Music StacksMT362.V43 T4 1994
The techniques of violin playing = Die Spieltechnik der Violine / Arditti, Irvine author.Music StacksMT262.A73 T4 2013
The techniques of trombone playing = Die Spieltechnik der Posaune / Svoboda, Michael, 1960- author.Music StacksMT462.S86 T4 2017
Vingt-huit miniatures, études préparatoires pour caisse-claire en deux cahiers, Dupin, François.Music StacksMT662.D8 V5
Master studies / Morello, Joe, 1928-2011.Music StacksMT662.3.M67 M3 1983
Developing dexterity : for snare drum / Peters, Mitchell.Music StacksMT662.3.P48 D4 1968
Odd meter rudimental etudes for the snare drum / Peters, Mitchell.Music StacksMT662.P48 O47 1967
Keiskleiriana : 13 études pour caisse-claire = 13 studies for snare drum / Delécluse, Jacques, 1933-2015.Music StacksMT662.3 .D45 K4 1987
Keiskleiriana. 12 études pour caisse-claire = Keiskleiriana 2 : 12 studies for snare drum / Delécluse, Jacques, 1933-2015 composer.Music StacksMT662.3 .D
Alfreds drum method complete / Feldstein, Sandy.Music StacksMT662.2 .F45 2012
Douze études pour caisse-claire = Twelve studies for the drum / Delécluse, Jacques, 1933-2015.Music StacksMT662.3.D45 D6
Method of movement : for marimba, with 590 exercises / Stevens, Leigh Howard.Music StacksMT719.2 .S
Mallet control for the xylophone : (marimba, vibraphone, vibraharp) / Stone, George Lawrence.Music StacksMT719.3.S766 M3
Mental and manual calisthenics for the modern mallet player : a collection of 249 technique-building exercises and 34 special contemporary studies for the advanced player of mallet instruments / Bailey, Elden C.Music StacksMT719.B35 M3 1991
Intermediate snare drum studies / Peters, Mitchell.Music StacksMT662 .P417
Elementary snare drum studies / Peters, Mitchell.Music StacksMT662.3 .P
Rudimental primer for the snare drummer / Peters, Mitchell.Music StacksMT662.2 .P47 1990
Odd meter calisthenics for the snare drummer. Peters, Mitchell.Music StacksMT662.3 .P48 1973
Le tambour : technique superieur = Drum : superior technique / Lefèvre, Guy, 1931-Music StacksMT662.3 .L
The roll : 83 exercises for developing the snare drum roll / Sholle, Emil.Music StacksMT662.3.S56 R6 2016
Advanced rhythm studies : for the percussionist / Solomon, Samuel Z. composer.Music StacksMT655.3 .S65 2009
The regimen / Tilburg, Shaun.Music StacksMT662.T54 R4 2015
Ten style studies for snare drum / Tompkins, Joseph composer.Music StacksMT662.3 .T66 2006
Stick control : for the snare drummer / Stone, George Lawrence.Music StacksMT662.3.S86 S8 2009
Fundamental studies for snare drum / Whaley, Garwood.Music StacksMT662.3.W43 F8 1973
14 modern contest solos for snare drum / Pratt, John S.Music StacksMT662.3.P73 F6 1959
The new Pratt book : contest solos for snare drum / Pratt, John S. composer.Music StacksMT662.3.P73 N4 1985
Modern rudimental swing solos : for the advanced drummer / Wilcoxon, Chas.Music StacksMT662.3.W55 M6 1979
Mallet chord studies : chord voicings and arpeggio patterns for vibraphone and marimba and other instruments / Richards, Emil.Music StacksMT719.3 .R534 2009
500 4-surface patterns : for 4-mallet and drumset applications / Solomon, Samuel Z.Music StacksMT655.3 .S648 2009
Melodische Übungen und Etüden : für Xylophon (Marimba oder Vibraphon) / Green, George Hamilton, 1893-1970.Music StacksMT719.2.G73 E7 1987
The additive method of two-mallet study / Koshinski, Gene.Music StacksMT725.M37 K67 2010
Vibraphone technique : dampening and pedaling / Friedman, David, 1944-Music StacksMT719.3.F75 V5 1973
Marimba master class on works by Schwantner, Schuller and Bach / Van Geem, Jack.Music StacksMT719 .V364 2011
4 mallet democracy for marimba : studies and etudes for developing 4-mallet independence / Van Geem, Jack.Music StacksMT719.3 .V
The art of the xylophone grand school / Finkel, Ian.Music StacksMT719.3.F56 A77 2010
Ideo-kinetics : a workbook for marimba technique / Stout, Gordon.Music StacksMT719.3.S86 I3 2001
George Hamilton Greens instruction course for xylophone / Green, George Hamilton, 1893-1970 composer.Music StacksMT719.G74 G4 1984
Rhythmical articulation : a complete method / Bona, Pasquale, 1808-1878 composer.Music StacksMT870 .B7313 1925