Ithaca College Buildings, 1959-

Ithaca College Buildings, 1959-

Building name Year of construction Date of groundbreaking Date of dedication Building purpose Other name Historical notes
Alumni Hall 1990
June 2, 1990 Administration
Attached to 19th century farmhouse.
Bogart Hall 1962-1963

Residence hall
In use 9-1963
Boothroyd Hall

Residence hall
First year student dormitory sometimes.
Center for Health Sciences 1997-1999
9-1999 Health education -- PT, OT
Attached to Smiddy Hall.
Center for Natural Sciences 1992
9-18-1993 Science instruction New Science Building (1992-1999) in use: jan. 1993.
Central Services Building


Cerrache Athletic Center 10-10-1978 -
9-15-1979 Athletics Anthony Cerrache Athletic Center "Designed by the architectural firm of Zausmen Frisch Associates of Syracuse. . . ." (press release 9-17-1979)
Clarke Hall 1962-1963

Residence hall
In use 9-1963
Davidson Boathouse July 1973-1974
April 20, 1974 Boathouse Haskell Davidson Boathouse
Dillingham Center for the Performing Arts 1968-9
4-12-1969 as PAB, 10-28-1973 as DCPA Performance, classrooms Performing Arts Building, 1969-1973 Harcourt: construction summer 1966-1968. First play, 1-1969.
East Tower 1964-65 05-12-1964 In use 9-1965 Residence hall, administration

Eastman Hall 1962-1963

Residence hall
In use 9-1963.
Egbert Hall 1960-61 Cornerstone, 10-22-1960 6-5-1965, rededicated 10-2-1987 Student center Egbert Union, College Union, Campus Center Opened for use September 1961. Extensively renovated 1986-1987.
Emerson Hall 1988-1989

Named 6-1993 Residence hall William V. Emerson Hall, New Hall In use, Fall 1989
Fitness Center 1998-1999
9-1999 Exercise facility for campus community

Ford Hall 1963-1964 6-1-1963 6-4-1965 Music education
Named for Walter Burton Ford. In use as of Fall 1964. Funded primarily by NY Dormitory Authority. Absorbed into Whalen Center for Music, 1999. Ford Hall refers to auditorium only.
Ford Observatory 1998

Clinton B. Ford Observatory Named during Board meeting, 10-1998.
Friends Hall 1962 (summer and fall)
In use, January 1963. Classrooms
Built with funds from the Friends of Ithaca College.
Substantially expanded, twice remodeled (Harcourt, 89).
1964-1965 and 1975.
Gannett Center 1975-76 10-16-75 (roof raising ceremony) 4-30-1977 Learning Resources Center incl. library Caroline Werner Gannett Learning Resources Center. Formerly Library. This building is the addition to and includes the former library building. The first three floors were constructed in 1964-5. In use, August 1976. Fifth floor finished 1980. Renovated 2nd floor and exterior, 1998, renovated 3-5, 2001.
Garden Apartments
December 1969
Residence hall
In use Spring 1971.
Hammond Student Health Center 1962-63
11-9-1963, rededicated as JDH, 9-25-1982 Health center Health Center (1963-1982); J. David Hammond Center for Student Health Services Harcourt indicates that naming was 5-16-1982.
Hill Physical Education Center 1963-64 06-01-1963 12-05-1964 Athletics, Physical Education Laurence S. Hill Physical Education Center Named 2-7-1968. Funded primarily by New York Dormitory Authority. Laurence Hill was Dean of PE 1919-1957. In use October 1964.
Hilliard Hall 1960-1961

Residence hall
In use 9-1961.
Holmes Hall 1960-1961

Residence hall
In use 9-1961.
Hood Hall 1960-1961

Residence hall
In use 9-1961.
Whalen Center for Music 1997-1999
10-1999 Music Ford Hall; James J. Whalen Center for Music Includes the previous Ford Hall.
Job Hall 1964-1965 09-08-1964 10-23-1965 Administration
In use: 12-1965. Named for former President, Leonard B. Job.
Landon Hall 1962-1963

In use 9-1963
Library 1964-65

Library Later name: Gannett Center Use this name for 1965-76 only.
Lyon Hall 1962-1963

Residence hall
In use 9-1963
Muller Chapel 1975-76 (June 1975-)
5-14-76 Chapel Florence S. and Herman E. Muller Memorial Chapel
Muller Faculty Center 1964-65 9/8/1964 5-17-1969 Faculty offices Herman E. Muller Faculty Center Named 1969. In use Fall 1965.
Park Hall 1988-89

Houses Park School of Communications Roy H. Park Hall
Phillips Hall 1986-87
10-2-1987 Student Center Part of Campus Center complex
Physical Plant Maintenance Building Summer 1972 - ?

In use 1972-1973 (Harcourt)
Rowland Hall 1960-1961

Residence hall
In use, 9-1961.
Safety and Security Building 1972

In use 1972-73.
Smiddy Hall 1981-82 5-16-1981 May 1986 Classrooms, offices Harold F. and Lois M. Smiddy Hall. Previously New Hall. Formally opened: 10-1-1982, completed 9-1982
Tallcott Hall 1960-1961

Residence hall
In use 9-1961
Terrace Dining Hall 1965-1966

Dining Hall
In use fall 1966
Terraces Residence Halls 1965-1966
in use beginning fall 1966 Residence hall
Renovated 1992-94. Windows replaced with smaller ones, mechanicals updated.
Textor Lecture Halls 1967
5-17-1969 Classrooms George C. Textor Lecture Halls. Textor was chairperson of the Board, 1965-68; Board member from 1953-1968 (deceased 1968). The sculpture “Disc” is located on the plaza roof of Textor and done by Jack Squier. Harcourt says construction was 9/1964-9/1965.
Towers Dining Hall 1964-65
In use 9-1965 Dining Hall

Union Dining Hall

Dining Hall Egbert Dining Hall, Campus Center DH
West Tower 1964-65 05-12-1964 In use 9-1965 Residence hall, administration

Williams Hall 1963-64 5-4-1963 10-17-1964 Science instruction. Science Hall until 2-1989. Extensive renovations 1993-94. Initial construction funded primarily by NY Dormitory Authority.