Digital Collections Content Submission Policies and Guidelines


Ithaca College Library collects, preserves, and makes accessible archival material documenting the history of the college, as well as the scholarly and creative output of Ithaca College faculty, students, and staff.

This document outlines policies and guidelines regarding the submission of content to Ithaca College Library’s Digital Collections, including submission criteria, author and user rights, and procedures for removing posted content. This policy will be reviewed periodically and may be updated.

Submission Criteria

Members of the Ithaca College community interested in submitting materials should review the policies and guidelines below prior to submission.

Faculty and Staff may recommend material for inclusion to their librarian liaison.

Students submitting their Master’s thesis should consult our Theses Guide for instructions. Students wishing to submit other kinds of work should direct their requests to the appropriate department head or faculty member who, in turn, will make the recommendation to their librarian liaison.

Some collections and projects may be open to contributions from the wider Ithaca College community by invitation.

Content may be added following the guidelines below:

  • The work must be original, produced, and submitted, or sponsored by a faculty, staff, student, organization, or department of Ithaca College.
  • The work must be creative, scholarly in nature, research oriented, or of institutional significance.
  • The author must own the copyright to all components and content within the work, or have received and shown permission to have the material made publicly available on our platform.
  • The author or representative of the organization or department must sign a release form or agree to terms and conditions prior to material being uploaded to the repository, granting Ithaca College the right to preserve the material and distribute it on the web.
  • Content submitted by students will require the approval of a faculty mentor or sponsor involved in the creation of the work.
  • Contributors may include non-affiliated scholars if they are co-authoring with IC authors or are submitting via an Ithaca College-sponsored publication, conference, or event.

Please note that the following content is not permitted for submission and publication to our online platform:

  • FERPA-protected information
  • HIPAA-regulated information (protected health information)
  • Content barred by law, regulations, or otherwise restricted from publication
  • Intellectual property for which the submitter does not have permission to submit and distribute
  • Records protected by state privacy laws. Please note that privacy laws vary by state, and protect their residents even when they are out of state.

Supported Formats

A wide range of file formats may be accepted. There is no formal limit to the size of material.

Examples of possible content include:

  • Journals produced by the Ithaca College community
  • Published articles or preprints when copyright and/or license allow
  • Books or book chapters when copyright and/or license allow
  • Working papers, conference papers, and technical reports
  • Honors projects, senior theses, and other distinguished student work
  • Datasets
  • Institutional or organizational newsletters, reports, and related materials
  • Image collections or audiovisual materials, either primary or supplementary

Author Rights

  • Authors retain the copyright for all works submitted.
  • Authors are free to reuse their content, but it is their responsibility to check the terms of the publication agreement if a document published on the web by Ithaca College Library is published elsewhere.
  • Authors may update and add to existing works. Contact with update requests.
  • See the Ithaca College Copyright Policy for more information.

User Rights and Terms of Use

All users must respect the intellectual property rights and copyright of the content authors.

Material may be downloaded for educational and research purposes provided due recognition is given to the author. Material may not be copied, distributed, displayed, altered, or used for commercial purposes, unless such use is specified by a Creative Commons License.

Withdrawal of Content

Once deposited, an item will not be withdrawn. However, under some circumstances a work may be removed from view. Authors or affected parties may request that works be removed for reasons of factual inaccuracy, plagiarism, or potential copyright infringement. No materials will be removed without an attempt to reach the author.

Once deposited, a citation will remain. If a work is removed, a citation including original metadata will always remain, with a note regarding the removal, e.g. "removed at request of author," or "removed at the discretion of…," or “removed by legal order.”


Ithaca College Library thanks Pepperdine University Libraries for permission to use the Pepperdine University Content Submission Policies and Guidelines document as the basis for this document.

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