About IC Library


portrait of Lis Chabot

Welcome to the Ithaca College Library. Our mission is to enhance teaching and learning at Ithaca College through the provision of flexible, diverse, and user-centered information services and resources.

The library staff works to create an organization that is receptive to innovation, recognized for efficient management, and focused on continuous improvement in our services, resources, and facility. To that end, we value your comments—user feedback is reviewed and frequently results in enhancements to our services and resources.

Our strategic priorities include:

  • Developing access to content that meets the diverse needs of the various programs across the college.
  • Developing and delivering high quality, personalized information services that are based on user preferences and a connection to academic programs.
  • Engaging in outreach and collaborative activities that enhance teaching and learning at the college and expand possibilities for productive partnerships.
  • Developing multiple opportunities for students to acquire information literacy skills and faculty to enhance their research skills.
  • Developing strategies that aim for sustained improvement by engaging users in an ongoing dialogue and continuously monitoring the allocation of personnel and other resources in support of our mission.

I encourage you to take full advantage of the services and resources we offer.

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Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian




  • 315,000 volumes. About 4,200 titles are added each year.
  • 160,000 ebooks
  • 150 Full-text databases
  • 37,000 multimedia items, including an extensive DVD collection.
  • 71,000 serial subscriptions (print and online)
  • Research guides for general subject areas and specific courses
  • The Ithaca College Archives features the Rod Serling collection, online access to historical issues of The Ithacan, and digitized images of the college.
  • Digital Commons @ IC – Faculty and student scholarship with links to selected IC publications.