Library Staff List

picture of Pam Ameigh

Pam Ameigh

Multiformat Acquisitions Specialist
(607) 274-7091
picture of Judith Andrew

Judith Andrew

Music Cataloging & Acquisitions Specialist
(607) 274-3882
picture of Calida Barboza

Calida Barboza

Electronic Resources Librarian
(607) 274-1892
picture of Shianne Beer

Shianne Beer

Circulation/Reserves Coordinator 2nd Shift
(607) 274-3040
picture of John Birk

John Birk

Collections and Facility Supervisor
(607) 274-1720
picture of Jim Bondra

Jim Bondra

Business Librarian
(607) 274-1962
picture of Bridget Bower

Bridget Bower

College Archivist
(607) 274-3096
picture of Lisabeth Chabot

Lisabeth Chabot

College Librarian
(607) 274-3182
picture of Terri Ann Coronel

Terri Ann Coronel

Continuations and Invoicing Specialist
(607) 274-3329
picture of Scott Fish

Scott Fish

Multimedia Coordinator / Reserves & Digitization
(607) 274-3476
picture of Ron Gilmour

Ron Gilmour

Web Services Librarian
(607) 274-3674
picture of Kelly Hallisy

Kelly Hallisy

Humanities Librarian
(607) 274-274-1198
picture of Yue Hao

Yue Hao

Circulation Services Coordinator
(607) 274-1540
picture of John Henderson

John Henderson

Social Sciences Librarian
(607) 274-1961
picture of Ben Hogben

Ben Hogben

Access Services Manager
(607) 274-1689
picture of Abby Juda

Abby Juda

Natural Sciences Librarian
(607) 274-3889
picture of Laura Kuo

Laura Kuo

Health Sciences Librarian
(607) 274-1197
picture of Terri Ledbetter

Terri Ledbetter

Multiformat Acquisitions Specialist
(607) 274-3888
picture of Kelly Merritt

Kelly Merritt

Multimedia Resources Manager
(607) 274-3880
picture of Cathy Michael

Cathy Michael

Communications Librarian
(607) 274-1293
picture of Kate Payne

Kate Payne

Electronic Resources Coordinator
(607) 274-3336
picture of Virgilio Pinto

Virgilio Pinto

ILL Lending Coordinator
(607) 274-1133
picture of Jennifer Richards

Jennifer Richards

Fine Arts Librarian
(607) 274-1199
picture of Stephanie Salcedo

Stephanie Salcedo

Business Coordinator
(607) 274-3182
picture of Sarah Shank

Sarah Shank

ILL Borrowing Coordinator
(607) 274-3891
picture of Kristina Shanton

Kristina Shanton

Music Librarian
(607) 274-3887
picture of Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor

Library Systems Specialist
(607) 274-3553
picture of Karin Wikoff

Karin Wikoff

Electronic and Technical Services Librarian
(607) 274-1364