Gifts-in-Kind Policy

Ithaca College welcomes gifts to the college for the library of books, journals and other materials suitable for the library’s collection. The library’s mission is to enhance teaching and learning at the college. Priorities related to this mission include strengthening the library collection, both print and electronic, and enhancing library space to facilitate research and study including collaborative activities and delivery of user-centered services.

Donations to the collection or to improve the setting or services are to be referred to the College Librarian, who consults with the library staff on the acceptance and use of the offered gift. Not all gifts of materials or services are suitable for the collection. Gifts are added when they enhance the existing collection and support the teaching and research programs of the college. They must also be relevant to the curriculum, of appropriate academic level and quality, and in good physical condition. If proffered donations require special preservation or conditions of display to which the library cannot commit, the donor will be strongly encouraged to consider a gift to support the preservation or display.

Gifts are accepted with the proviso that the library becomes the sole owner of the donated material and therefore determines retention, location, cataloging procedures, preservation format, and conditions for access and/or publication. When the library cannot use donated materials, we may arrange to donate them to other institutions or may sell them and use the income to purchase other materials. Donors should be aware that sale of donated items may affect the value of the gift for tax purposes and should consult their tax adviser as well as confirming the college’s intended use.

Donors will receive an acknowledgment of the gift from both the library and the Office of Institutional Advancement, which will issue a gift receipt. If the value of the gift is over $5,000 and tax credit is desired, it is the responsibility of the donor to obtain an external professional appraisal, which a college development officer co-signs (form 8803). In other instances, it is the donor’s responsibility to determine fair market value. Appraisal of the monetary value of the gift for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. Materials added to the collection may be identified with bookplates when the donor so requests.

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